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(Added by the PayChan amendment to be enabled.)

The channel_verify method checks the validity of a signature that can be used to redeem a specific amount of XRP from a payment channel.

Request Format

An example of the request format:

  1. WebSocket
  3. Commandline
    "id": 1,
    "command": "channel_verify",
    "channel_id": "5DB01B7FFED6B67E6B0414DED11E051D2EE2B7619CE0EAA6286D67A3A4D5BDB3",
    "signature": "304402204EF0AFB78AC23ED1C472E74F4299C0C21F1B21D07EFC0A3838A420F76D783A400220154FB11B6F54320666E4C36CA7F686C16A3A0456800BBC43746F34AF50290064",
    "public_key": "aB44YfzW24VDEJQ2UuLPV2PvqcPCSoLnL7y5M1EzhdW4LnK5xMS3",
    "amount": "1000000"

The request includes the following parameters:

amountStringThe amount of XRP, in drops, the provided signature authorizes.
channel_idStringThe Channel ID of the channel that provides the XRP. This is a 64-character hexadecimal string.
public_keyStringThe public key of the channel and the key pair that was used to create the signature, in hexadecimal or the XRP Ledger's base58 format. Updated in: rippled 0.90.0
signatureStringThe signature to verify, in hexadecimal.

Response Format

An example of a successful response:

  1. WebSocket
  3. Commandline
    "id": 1,
    "status": "success",
    "type": "response",
    "result": {

The response follows the standard format, with a successful result containing the following fields:

signature_verifiedBooleanIf true, the signature is valid for the stated amount, channel, and public key.

Caution: This does not indicate check that the channel has enough XRP allocated to it. Before considering a claim valid, you should look up the channel in the latest validated ledger and confirm that the channel is open and its amount value is equal or greater than the amount of the claim. To do so, use the account_channels method.

Possible Errors

  • Any of the universal error types.
  • invalidParams - One or more fields are specified incorrectly, or one or more required fields are missing.
  • publicMalformed - The public_key field of the request is not a valid public key in the correct format. Public keys are 33 bytes and must be represented in base58 or hexadecimal. The base58 representation of account public keys starts with the letter a. The hexadecimal representation is 66 characters long.
  • channelMalformed - The channel_id field of the request is not a valid Channel ID. The Channel ID must be a 256-bit (64-character) hexadecimal string.
  • channelAmtMalformed - The value specified in the amount field was not a valid XRP amount.