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An OfferCancel transaction removes an Offer object from the XRP Ledger.

Example OfferCancel JSON

    "TransactionType": "OfferCancel",
    "Account": "ra5nK24KXen9AHvsdFTKHSANinZseWnPcX",
    "Fee": "12",
    "Flags": 0,
    "LastLedgerSequence": 7108629,
    "OfferSequence": 6,
    "Sequence": 7

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OfferCancel Fields

In addition to the common fields, OfferCancel transactions use the following fields:

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeDescription
OfferSequenceNumberUInt32The sequence number (or Ticket number) of a previous OfferCreate transaction. If specified, cancel any offer object in the ledger that was created by that transaction. It is not considered an error if the offer specified does not exist.

Tip: To remove an old offer and replace it with a new one, you can use an OfferCreate transaction with an OfferSequence parameter, instead of using OfferCancel and another OfferCreate.

The OfferCancel method returns tesSUCCESS even if it did not find an offer with the matching sequence number.