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(Requires the XChainBridge amendment )

This transaction can only be used for XRP-XRP bridges.

The XChainAccountCreateCommit transaction creates a new account for a witness server to submit transactions on an issuing chain.

Warning: This transaction should only be executed if the witness attestations will be reliably delivered to the destination chain. If the signatures aren't delivered, then account creation will be blocked until attestations are received. This can be used maliciously; to disable this transaction on XRP-XRP bridges, omit the bridge's MinAccountCreateAmount field.

Example XChainAccountCreateCommit JSON

  "Account": "rwEqJ2UaQHe7jihxGqmx6J4xdbGiiyMaGa",
  "Destination": "rD323VyRjgzzhY4bFpo44rmyh2neB5d8Mo",
  "TransactionType": "XChainAccountCreateCommit",
  "Amount": "20000000",
  "SignatureReward": "100",
  "XChainBridge": {
    "LockingChainDoor": "rMAXACCrp3Y8PpswXcg3bKggHX76V3F8M4",
    "LockingChainIssue": {
      "currency": "XRP"
    "IssuingChainDoor": "rHb9CJAWyB4rj91VRWn96DkukG4bwdtyTh",
    "IssuingChainIssue": {
      "currency": "XRP"

XChainAccountCreateCommit Fields

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeRequired?Description
AmountCurrency AmountAmountYesThe amount, in XRP, to use for account creation. This must be greater than or equal to the MinAccountCreateAmount specified in the Bridge ledger object.
DestinationStringAccountYesThe destination account on the destination chain.
SignatureRewardCurrency AmountAmountNoThe amount, in XRP, to be used to reward the witness servers for providing signatures. This must match the amount on the Bridge ledger object.
XChainBridgeXChainBridgeXChain_BridgeYesThe bridge to create accounts for.

XChainBridge Fields

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeRequired?Description
IssuingChainDoorStringAccountYesThe door account on the issuing chain. For an XRP-XRP bridge, this must be the genesis account (the account that is created when the network is first started, which contains all of the XRP).
IssuingChainIssueIssueIssueYesThe asset that is minted and burned on the issuing chain. For an IOU-IOU bridge, the issuer of the asset must be the door account on the issuing chain, to avoid supply issues.
LockingChainDoorStringAccountYesThe door account on the locking chain.
LockingChainIssueIssueIssueYesThe asset that is locked and unlocked on the locking chain.