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Public Servers

If you don't run your own rippled server, you can use the following public servers to submit transactions or read data from the ledger.


OperatorNetworkJSON-RPC URLWebSocket URLNotes
XRP Ledger FoundationMainnet ²
wss:// ²
Full history server cluster with CORS support.
Ripple¹Mainnet purpose server cluster
Ripple¹Mainnet server cluster

Test Networks

OperatorNetworkJSON-RPC URLWebSocket URLNotes
Ripple¹Testnet public server
XRPL LabsTestnet public server with CORS support
Ripple¹Testnet (Clio) public server with Clio
Ripple¹Devnet public server
Ripple¹Devnet (Clio) public server with Clio
Ripple¹Sidechain-Devnet Devnet to test cross-chain bridge features. Devnet serves as the locking chain while this sidechain serves as the issuing chain.
XRPL LabsXahau Testnet Xahau Testnet

¹ Ripple's public servers are not for sustained or business use, and they may become unavailable at any time. For regular use, you should run your own rippled server or contract someone you trust to do so. Ripple includes Clio servers (the successor to Reporting Mode) in its public clusters.

² is an alias for However, the .ws top-level domain's reliability may be unsuitable for production uses.