List XRP in Your Exchange

Does your exchange want to list XRP, enabling your users to deposit, trade, and withdraw XRP? Here's a roadmap to the high-level tasks you'll need to perform.


Meet prerequisites for listing XRP

Put in place the foundation and operational processes needed to efficiently and securely list XRP in your exchange.

This includes creating and securing XRP Ledger accounts, implementing internal balance sheets, adopting appropriate security procedures, and complying with any applicable regulations.

Learn more about prerequisites


Set up and run a rippled server

rippled is the core peer-to-peer server that manages the XRP Ledger.

While it isn’t required, your exchange should consider running your own rippled server to be able to control the speed and reliability of your exchange’s XRP transaction processing.

You can start out running one rippled server to support development and exploration. If required for your use case, you can then build up to an enterprise deployment that consists of multiple clustered servers with one private-peer validator, for example.

Running a rippled server in validator mode enables your exchange to contribute to the strength and decentralization of the XRP Ledger network. Even if your rippled server isn’t included in published validator lists, it is still contributing (albeit indirectly) and continues to build up reputation over time.

Set up rippled


Try out XRP Ledger integration tools

Take a look at the various tools provided to help you integrate with the XRP Ledger.

From WebSocket and JSON-RPC API endpoints to the RippleAPI JavaScript library, find a mode of integration that works with your technology.

Get started with API tools


Get a sandbox XRP Ledger account

Use the XRP Ledger Test Net to get a sandbox account. Connect your rippled server to the Test Net to make test calls and get to know the XRP Ledger. Once you’re ready to transact in real XRP, you can switch over to transacting on the live XRP Ledger.

Get a Test Net account


Understand and code integrations to support the flow of funds

To support listing XRP, code integrations with the XRP Ledger to deposit XRP into your exchange, trade XRP on the exchange, rebalance XRP holding, and withdraw XRP from your exchange.

Understand the flow of funds