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The FlowV2 Amendment Was Vetoed

The rippled team found a flaw in FlowV2 while testing. As a result, the Ripple network has vetoed the new payment engine amendment. Originally, the FlowV2 amendment was planned to replace rippled’s payment processing engine with a more robust and efficient implementation. It was previously expected to become active on Wednesday, 2016-08-24.

A corrected version of the payment processing engine has been created and is now undergoing further testing. It is scheduled to be included in a future version of rippled as an amendment called Flow.

This demonstrates the robustness of Ripple’s amendment process. The review period and governance code with vetoing working as intended.

No action is currently required. However, Ripple recommends that validator operators also veto the FlowV2 amendment to ensure it does not regain a majority.

To veto the amendment, add the following, single line, under the [veto_amendments] stanza to the rippled.cfg file on validators:

5CC22CFF2864B020BD79E0E1F048F63EF3594F95E650E43B3F837EF1DF5F4B26 FlowV2

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