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Discover the XRP Ledger with Explorer!

Today, a new XRP Ledger explorer is available for both test net and production at

At its core the XRP Ledger is a replicated state machine. The state, or historical information, is updated every 3-5 seconds through a process called consensus, across a global network of independent servers.

Collectively, the XRP Ledger network can be referred to as a distributed ledger or more commonly, a blockchain.

One of the benefits of a public blockchain is its transparency. Like any public blockchain, the XRP Ledger allows anyone with the right skills and tools to look up historical information that is immutably stored in it.

At the time of this writing, the XRP Ledger has closed over 48 million ledgers, confirmed over 900 million transactions and opened over 1.5 million accounts in its first 7 years of operation.

The new explorer serves as a tool to help people look up: historical transactions, accounts, ledgers, fees, exchange rates, timestamps, sequence numbers, node uptime, IP addresses, topology, versions and peers.

Check out the new Explorer today:

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