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Developer Reflections: BEI API

This week on Developer Reflections, we’re proud to highlight BEI API, an infrastructure app built using rippled. Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence (BEI) provides AI-powered, behavior-based intelligence that connects cryptocurrency wallets and transactions to real-world entities, enabling businesses to remain AML compliant.

BEI is an API-based KYT/KYW solution that gives developers quick and easy access to accurate, live risk scores, attribution data, sanctions information, and more. This allows for the screening of incoming transactions and prospective customers, and meeting AML/CFT compliance regulatory requirements.

The product will include free suspicious activity reporting tools for the community so that the entire community is notified and can access that information through the BEI API.

Screenshot: BEI API

Why the XRP Ledger?

The team behind BEI API believes that the speed, efficiency, and low fees of the XRP Ledger make it the best environment for innovation to happen and want to help enable further development of the Ledger.

To learn more, visit and check out the code samples, or get started with a free API.

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