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Summarizing the Information Architecture v3 Updates (PR#1934)

Hello XRPL Community!

It’s been a while since we presented a proposal at Apex 2022 to revise the XRP Ledger documentation.

We’ve been chipping away at the proposal — adding use-case-focused content and revising the information architecture—and are happy to share that the initial set of updates are now available for review in PR#1934. Check out this preview of the proposed changes.

What’s New and Notable?

  • Revised Docs Home page that provides multiple entry points for users at different experience levels. This change is already live, so give it a look!

    Screenshot of the Docs Home page highlighting multiple entry points for users

    Also, if you’re wondering what happened to the full documentation index on the Docs Home page, it’s now available as a separate Full Docs Index page. And yes, there’s a link to access this new page from the Docs Home page.

  • Revised Introduction pages to simplify the content and improve readability.

    Screenshot of the What is the XRP Ledger page showing simplified text and new graphics on the page

    Notice the graphics? Our team of writers and designers put a lot of thought into creating these new graphics and we’d love to get your feedback.

  • Revised information architecture for use case focused content, and quick access to useful information.

    The new Use Cases section on the Docs Home page and in the navigation provides quick access to information on how you can use the XRP Ledger to build your solution.

    Screenshot of the left navigation highlighting the new section for use cases

    The revised Concepts section provides a deep-dive into the XRP Ledger concepts.

    Screenshot of the left navigation highlighting the revised concepts section

    The revised Tutorials section groups tutorials by programming languages, so you can easily find tutorials in your preferred language. If you’d like to contribute tutorials or code samples, take a look at the tutorial guidelines for things to consider before writing a tutorial.

    Screenshot of the left navigation highlighting the revised tutorials section

    The new Infrastructure section consolidates content related to installation and configuration of XRPL servers, and administrative tasks to help keep the network running and healthy.

    Screenshot of the left navigation highlighting the new section for infrastructure

That’s a quick summary of the updates so far!

This project is still ongoing and we wanted to share this work for community feedback so we can make sure to focus on the areas of highest impact. Which updates do you find most helpful? Are there specific areas or use cases that you’d like to see more content added?

We welcome your feedback on the IA.v3 Pull Request in GitHub and suggestions on the next set of content updates.

What's next?

In the near future, we plan to continue to work on enhancements to improve the underlying toolchain, enrich the documentation with multimedia, create new content and tutorials, and improve the search functionality.

How you can get involved

Just like the XRP Ledger, is also open-source and there are many ways you could get involved.

  • Contribute: Contribute information, code examples, tutorials, and more.

    You can also help fix open issues in the xrpl-dev-portal repository.

    If you’re new or a first-time contributor, GitHub Issues with the label good-first-issue are a good starting point.

  • Review content and PRs : Help keep content up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

    Take a look at this preview of the proposed changes in PR#1934.

  • Provide feedback: Help improve the content and experience by providing specific and actionable feedback—both about what you like as-is and how you'd like to see the docs evolve!