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Developer Reflections: Mandla Money

This week on Developer Reflections, we’re proud to highlight Mandla Money, a digital wallet that allows users to receive, transact, and store value using digital assets via SMS, with no need for a smartphone or an internet connection.

Designed to enable better financial inclusion for the unbanked, Mandla SMS Wallet provides a mechanism for transparent, traceable and low-cost distribution of value via text message in emerging economies. Users can send assets to one another using their cell phone numbers or Mandla IDs as XRP Ledger destination tags, for example send#asset#MandlaID#amount. The use cases include quick and inexpensive distribution of social welfare, remittances (both domestic and cross-border payments), as well as offline payments.

In short, the way the Mandla SMS wallet works is akin to sending a payment using ApplePay over text message with the XRP Ledger as the payment rail.

Screenshot: Mandla Money homepage

Why the XRP Ledger?

The XRP Ledger has proven reliability (8+ years of consistent performance with more than 63 million closed ledgers), fast transactions that settle in 3-5 seconds, low cost transaction fees, and native support for transaction tags. By making use of XRP Ledger destination tags, Mandla wallet users can send and receive XRP Ledger-based digital assets over SMS using their cell number or Mandla ID, which is also what makes the offline capability possible.

Further, the ability to issue assets and set up corresponding trust lines with ease makes integrating various XRP Ledger-issued stablecoins from different jurisdictions into the Mandla wallet easier and much more scalable.

To learn more, visit Mandla Wallet.

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