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Developer Reflections: Blockdaemon

Screenshot: Blockdaemon

In this week’s edition of Developer Reflections, we delve into the world of blockchain infrastructure with a focus on Blockdaemon, an independent blockchain infrastructure provider. Through Blockdaemon’s commitment to providing reliable, scalable, and secure blockchain services, both developers and institutions can leverage wallet, node and staking services, protocols and integrations.

Empowering Data Access and Infrastructure

The Blockdaemon platform contributes to data access and infrastructure provisioning for the XRP Ledger ecosystem, including stock nodes and archive nodes via RPC API or REST API, enabling developers to interact seamlessly with the ledger.

Screenshot: Blockdaemon

Fostering Open-Source Collaboration

Blockdaemon utilizes open source technologies such as gRPC, JSON-RPC, and WebSockets. These technologies form the foundation of their infrastructure platform, enabling efficient communication and data exchange between different components of the blockchain network.

Supporting the XRPL Ecosystem

Blockdaemon offers a robust XRPL node infrastructure and API services. The platform’s capacity to support 350,000,000-400,000,000 calls per month for XRPL underscores its scalability and reliability. This high level of service has positioned Blockdaemon as a trusted partner for some of the largest institutions worldwide.

Blockdaemon joined the journey to nodes-as-a-service in 2017. Their dedicated PC nodes are engineered to ensure zero downtime and high security for developers and financial institutions alike, including managed nodes and validator nodes that maximize rewards on assets. In the dynamic landscape of blockchain, unforeseen load spikes can occur. Blockdaemon’s optional high-availability clusters provide secure backups, enabling users to navigate through such challenges seamlessly.

Every machine managed by Blockdaemon comes with 24/7 support and transparent service level agreements, ensuring users can operate with confidence, knowing that their blockchain infrastructure is backed by a dedicated and reliable support system.

Learn more about the project on the Blockdaemon website.

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