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Developer Reflections: Stably

Welcome to the first Developer Reflections of 2023! This week, we’re proud to highlight Stably: a fiat-to-stablecoin and crypto on/off-ramp widget. Stably Ramp is designed to reduce friction for Web3 users looking to top up their wallets on blockchain networks, supported by Stably via traditional payment rails (ACH, wire, and credit card).

Stably serves over 12+ ecosystems, such as the XRP Ledger, Harmony, VeChain, and many more upcoming protocols.

Screenshot of Stably app

Why the XRP Ledger?

Stably USD is a regulatory-compliant and USD-backed stablecoin that supports the XRP Ledger's objective of providing a scalable and sustainable blockchain for tokenized assets and global payments settlement. The XRP Ledger's global growth potential due to its cutting-edge projects and technology is what had initially caught Stably's interest. And the low transaction fees suit Stably's stablecoin and fiat gateway infrastructure perfectly, enabling a wide range of use cases such as simplified payments and remittances.

And this is only the start, as the Stably team expects stablecoin demand to continue growing immensely.

Check out USDS reserves on all chains, including the XRP Ledger.

To learn more about Stably, visit

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