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Introducing Clio version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.1 of Clio, an XRP Ledger API server optimized for HTTP and WebSocket API calls, is now available. This release adds a bug fix.

Bug fixes

  • Fix extra bracket in warnings by @kuznetsss in

Database Migration

If you are currently running Clio 1.0.4 or earlier and upgrading, you must perform a database migration to properly support NFT data. See the clio_migrator branch and its README for instructions.

Install / Upgrade

Ubuntu Deb (x86_64)a027eb6cc0a6dcb5805a60501cdb34b3a9b364f9235c0d2152bc24112c729e7c

For other platforms, please build from source. The most recent commit in the git log should be:

commit 7b18e28c4772f390368363c7d3c0a129ced3f3c3
Author: Sergey Kuznetsov <[email protected]>
Date:   Fri Jul 5 12:03:22 2024 +0100

    fix: Fix extra brackets in warnings (#1519)
    Fixes #1518

What's Changed

See the Full Changelog on GitHub


The Clio open-source project is seeking feedback and engagement from the XRPL community.