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Introducing XRP Ledger version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 of rippled, the reference server implementation of the XRP Ledger protocol, is now available. This release includes minor fixes, unit test improvements, and doc updates.

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Action Required

If you operate an XRP Ledger server, upgrade to version 2.0.1 to take advantage of the changes included in this update. Nodes on version 1.12 should upgrade as soon as possible.

Install / Upgrade

On supported platforms, see the instructions on installing or updating rippled.

RPM for Red Hat / CentOS (x86-64)b3e4bb6466e857b643e1cdcc03df32d318bc87af7f69d9d5f33124632c90fcf5
DEB for Ubuntu / Debian (x86-64)55b2e15776d57f8eb405d73fa796fbb5e94b0d4ef350dece4baa675a1fb73cd6
Portable Builds (Linux x86-64)(Use signature verification)

For other platforms, please build from source. The most recent commit in the git log should be the change setting the version:

commit 22cdb5728b7eb563f6798dbd1f15c88fa1894e7c
Author: Elliot Lee <[email protected]>
Date:   Mon Jan 29 08:36:10 2024 -0800

    Set version to 2.0.1



(These are changes which may impact or be useful to end users. For example, you may be able to update your code/workflow to take advantage of these changes.)

  • Updated the send_queue_limit to 500 in the default rippled config to handle increased transaction loads. #4867

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

(These are behind-the-scenes improvements, such as internal changes to the code, which are not expected to impact end users.)

  • Fixed an assertion that occurred when rippled was under heavy websocket client load. #4848

  • Improved lifetime management of serialized type ledger entries to improve memory usage. #4822

  • Fixed a clang warning about deprecated sprintf usage. #4747

Docs and Build System

  • Added DeliverMax to more JSONRPC tests. #4826

  • Updated the pull request template to include a Type of Change checkbox and additional contextual questions. #4875

  • Updated help messages for unit tests pattern matching. #4846

  • Improved the time it take to generate coverage reports. #4849

  • Fixed broken links in the Conan build docs. #4699

  • Spurious codecov uploads are now retried if there's an error uploading them the first time. #4896

Full Commit Log


The public source code repository for rippled is hosted on GitHub at

We welcome all contributions and invite everyone to join the community of XRP Ledger developers to help build the Internet of Value.


The following people contributed directly to this release:

Bug Bounties and Responsible Disclosures:

We welcome reviews of the rippled code and urge researchers to responsibly disclose any issues they may find.

To report a bug, please send a detailed report to: [email protected]