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Developer Reflections: GemWallet

This week on Developer Reflections, we’re proud to highlight GemWallet, a browser extension which acts as a Web3 connectivity to the XRP Ledger. GemWallet enables you to make fast, secure and cheap payments on the XRP Ledger. In addition, you can use GemWallet to sign in with your XRP Ledger address across various websites that it integrates with.

Our vision at GemWallet is to enable crypto payments on the internet. We want to create a world where crypto payments are easier and more secure. We believe XRP and the XRP Ledger are best-suited to help achieve this for several reasons:

  • Transfer fees are very low
  • It is fast and secure
  • It is used by enterprises
  • It is a carbon-neutral ledger, enhancing our core values

Screenshot of Gem Wallet, captioned "The XRPL Wallet for Every Website"

Built on the XRP Ledger Mainnet and xrpl.js, GemWallet is an XRPL Grants recipient with plans to support NFTs and "smart contracts" (like Hooks and XRPL sidechains) in the future.

Now, you can have a native Web3 experience on the XPRL without any third-party app on your mobile.

To learn more about GemWallet, visit