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Enable Public Signing

By default, the signing methods for rippled are limited to administrative connections. If you want to allow signing methods to be used as public API methods (like with versions of rippled before v1.1.0), you can enable it with a configuration change.

This enables the following methods to be used on "public" JSON-RPC and WebSocket connections, if your server accepts them:

You do not need to enable public signing to use these methods from an admin connection.

Caution: Ripple does not recommend enabling public signing. Like the wallet_propose method, the signing commands do not perform any actions that would require administrative-level permissions, but restricting them to admin connections protects users from irresponsibly sending or receiving secret keys over unsecured communications, or to servers they do not control.

To enable public signing, perform the following steps:

  1. Edit your rippled's config file.

    vim /etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg

    The recommended installation uses the config file /etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg by default. Other places you can put a config file include $HOME/.config/ripple/rippled.cfg (where $HOME is the home directory of the user running rippled), $HOME/.local/ripple/rippled.cfg, or the current working directory from where you start rippled.

  2. Add the following stanza to your config file, and save the changes:

  3. Restart your rippled server:

    systemctl restart rippled

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