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rippled Server States

Depending on how the rippled server is configured, how long it has been running, and other factors, a server may be participating in the global XRP Ledger peer-to-peer network to different degrees. This is represented as the server_state field in the responses to the server_info method and server_state method. The possible responses follow a range of ascending interaction, with each later value superseding the previous one. Their definitions are as follows (in order of increasing priority):

disconnectedThe server is not connected to the XRP Ledger peer-to-peer network whatsoever. It may be running in offline mode, or it may not be able to access the network for whatever reason.
connectedThe server believes it is connected to the network.
syncingThe server is currently behind on ledger versions. (It is normal for a server to spend a few minutes catching up after you start it.)
trackingThe server is in agreement with the network
fullThe server is fully caught-up with the network and could participate in validation, but is not doing so (possibly because it has not been configured as a validator).
validatingThe server is currently participating in validation of the ledger
proposingThe server is participating in validation of the ledger and currently proposing its own version.

Note: The distinction between full, validating, and proposing is based on synchronization with the rest of the global network, and it is normal for a server to fluctuate between these states as a course of general operation.