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(Requires the XChainBridge amendment )


An XChainOwnedClaimID object represents one cross-chain transfer of value and includes information of the account on the source chain that locks or burns the funds on the source chain.

The XChainOwnedClaimID object must be acquired on the destination chain before submitting a XChainCommit on the source chain. Its purpose is to prevent transaction replay attacks and is also used as a place to collect attestations from witness servers.

An XChainCreateClaimID transaction is used to create a new XChainOwnedClaimID. The ledger object is destroyed when the funds are successfully claimed on the destination chain.

Example XChainOwnedClaimID JSON

  "Account": "rBW1U7J9mEhEdk6dMHEFUjqQ7HW7WpaEMi",
  "Flags": 0,
  "OtherChainSource": "r9oXrvBX5aDoyMGkoYvzazxDhYoWFUjz8p",
  "OwnerNode": "0",
  "PreviousTxnID": "1CFD80E9CF232B8EED62A52857DE97438D12230C06496932A81DEFA6E66070A6",
  "PreviousTxnLgrSeq": 58673,
  "SignatureReward": "100",
  "XChainBridge": {
    "IssuingChainDoor": "rHb9CJAWyB4rj91VRWn96DkukG4bwdtyTh",
    "IssuingChainIssue": {
      "currency": "XRP"
    "LockingChainDoor": "rMAXACCrp3Y8PpswXcg3bKggHX76V3F8M4",
    "LockingChainIssue": {
      "currency": "XRP"
  "XChainClaimAttestations": [
      "XChainClaimProofSig": {
        "Amount": "1000000",
        "AttestationRewardAccount": "rfgjrgEJGDxfUY2U8VEDs7BnB1jiH3ofu6",
        "AttestationSignerAccount": "rfsxNxZ6xB1nTPhTMwQajNnkCxWG8B714n",
        "Destination": "rBW1U7J9mEhEdk6dMHEFUjqQ7HW7WpaEMi",
        "PublicKey": "025CA526EF20567A50FEC504589F949E0E3401C13EF76DD5FD1CC2850FA485BD7B",
        "WasLockingChainSend": 1
      "XChainClaimProofSig": {
        "Amount": "1000000",
        "AttestationRewardAccount": "rUUL1tP523M8KimERqVS7sxb1tLLmpndyv",
        "AttestationSignerAccount": "rEg5sHxZVTNwRL3BAdMwJatkmWDzHMmzDF",
        "Destination": "rBW1U7J9mEhEdk6dMHEFUjqQ7HW7WpaEMi",
        "PublicKey": "03D40434A6843638681E2F215310EBC4131AFB12EA85985DA073183B732525F7C9",
        "WasLockingChainSend": 1
  "XChainClaimID": "b5",
  "LedgerEntryType": "XChainOwnedClaimID",
  "LedgerIndex": "20B136D7BF6D2E3D610E28E3E6BE09F5C8F4F0241BBF6E2D072AE1BACB1388F5"

XChainOwnedClaimID Fields

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeRequired?Description
AccountStringAccountYesThe account that owns this object.
LedgerIndexStringHash256YesThe ledger index is a hash of a unique prefix for XChainOwnedClaimIDs, the actual XChainClaimID value, and the fields in XChainBridge.
OtherChainSourceStringAccountYesThe account that must send the corresponding XChainCommit on the source chain. The destination may be specified in the XChainCommit transaction, which means that if the OtherChainSource isn't specified, another account can try to specify a different destination and steal the funds. This also allows tracking only a single set of signatures, since we know which account will send the XChainCommit transaction.
SignatureRewardCurrency AmountAmountYesThe total amount to pay the witness servers for their signatures. It must be at least the value of SignatureReward in the Bridge ledger object.
XChainBridgeXChainBridgeXChain_BridgeYesThe door accounts and assets of the bridge this object correlates to.
XChainClaimAttestationsArrayArrayYesAttestations collected from the witness servers. This includes the parameters needed to recreate the message that was signed, including the amount, which chain (locking or issuing), optional destination, and reward account for that signature.
XChainClaimIDStringUInt64YesThe unique sequence number for a cross-chain transfer.

XChainClaimAttestations Fields

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeRequiredDescription
XChainClaimProofSigArrayObjectYesAn attestation from one witness server.
AmountCurrency AmountAmountYesThe amount to claim in the XChainCommit transaction on the destination chain.
AttestationRewardAccountStringAccountYesThe account that should receive this signer's share of the SignatureReward.
AttestationSignerAccountStringAccountYesThe account on the door account's signer list that is signing the transaction.
DestinationStringAccountNoThe destination account for the funds on the destination chain.
PublicKeyStringBlobYesThe public key used to verify the signature.
WasLockingChainSendNumberUInt8YesA boolean representing the chain where the event occurred.

XChainBridge Fields

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeRequired?Description
IssuingChainDoorStringAccountYesThe door account on the issuing chain. For an XRP-XRP bridge, this must be the genesis account (the account that is created when the network is first started, which contains all of the XRP).
IssuingChainIssueIssueIssueYesThe asset that is minted and burned on the issuing chain. For an IOU-IOU bridge, the issuer of the asset must be the door account on the issuing chain, to avoid supply issues.
LockingChainDoorStringAccountYesThe door account on the locking chain.
LockingChainIssueIssueIssueYesThe asset that is locked and unlocked on the locking chain.