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Manually Connect to a Specific Peer

Use these steps to manually connect your server to a specific peer in the XRP Ledger network.

Tip: If you want to make sure your server automatically connects to this server on startup and remains connected later, you may want to configure a peer reservation for that peer.


  • You must know the IP address of the peer you want to connect to.
  • You must know what port the peer you want to connect to uses for the XRP Ledger peer protocol. The default config file uses port 51235.
  • You must have a network connection from your server to the peer. For example, the peer server must forward the appropriate port through its firewall.
  • The peer server must have available peer slots. If the peer is already at its maximum number of peers, you can ask the peer server's operator to add a peer reservation for your server.


To connect, use the connect method. For example:

  1. WebSocket
  3. Commandline
    "command": "connect",
    "ip": "",
    "port": 51235

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