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Update Automatically on Linux

On Linux, you can set up rippled to automatically upgrade to the latest version with a one-time cron configuration. Ripple recommends enabling automatic updates if possible.

These instructions assume you have already installed rippled from the yum repository (CentOS/RedHat) or using apt (Ubuntu/Debian).

To set up automatic updates, complete the following steps:

  1. Check that /opt/ripple/etc/update-rippled-cron exists. If it does not, update manually (CentOS/Red Hat or Ubuntu/Debian).

  2. Create a symlink in your cron.d folder to the /opt/ripple/etc/update-rippled-cron config file:

    sudo ln -s /opt/ripple/etc/update-rippled-cron /etc/cron.d/

    This configuration runs a script to update the installed rippled package within an hour of each new release. To avoid network instability from too many servers updating at the same time, this script does not automatically restart the server, so it continues to run the old version until it restarts. Updated in: rippled 1.8.1

  3. Whenever a new release comes out, you must manually restart the rippled service to switch to the updated software.

    sudo systemctl restart rippled.service

Caution: In the future, it is possible that changes to Ripple's repositories may require manual intervention to update the URLs where your script searches for updates. Stay tuned to the XRP Ledger Blog or the ripple-server mailing list for announcements on any required changes.

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