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The validator_info method returns the current validator settings of the server, if it is configured as a validator.

The validator_info method is an admin method that cannot be run by unprivileged users.

Request Format

An example of the request format:

  1. WebSocket
  3. Commandline
    "command": "validator_info"

The request does not accept any parameters.

Response Format

An example of a successful response:

  1. WebSocket
  3. Commandline
  "result": {
    "domain": "",
    "ephemeral_key": "n9KnrcCmL5psyKtk2KWP6jy14Hj4EXuZDg7XMdQJ9cSDoFSp53hu",
    "manifest": "JAAAAAFxIe002KClGBUlRA7h5J2Y5B7Xdlxn1Z5OxY7ZC2UmqUIikHMhAkVIeB7McBf4NFsBceQQlScTVUWMdpYzwmvs115SUGDKdkcwRQIhAJnKfYWnPsBsATIIRfgkAAK+HE4zp8G8AmOPrHmLZpZAAiANiNECVQTKktoD7BEoEmS8jaFBNMgRdcG0dttPurCAGXcKbWR1bzEzLmNvbXASQPjO6wxOfhtWsJ6oMWBg8Rs5STAGvQV2ArI5MG3KbpFrNSMxbx630Ars9d9j1ORsUS5v1biZRShZfg9180JuZAo=",
    "master_key": "nHBk5DPexBjinXV8qHn7SEKzoxh2W92FxSbNTPgGtQYBzEF4msn9",
    "seq": 1
  "status": "success",
  "type": "response"

The response follows the standard format, with a successful result containing the following fields:

domainString(May be omitted) The domain name associated with this validator, if one has been configured.
ephemeral_keyString(May be omitted) The public key of the ephemeral key pair this server uses to sign validation messages, in base58. This key changes if the validator's configured token changes.
manifestString(May be omitted) The public "manifest" corresponding to this validator's configured token, serialized to binary and then encoded in base64. This field does not contain any private information.
master_keyStringThe public key of this validator's master key pair, in base58. This key uniquely identifies the validator and remains the same if the validator rotates ephemeral keys. If the server is configured using a [validation_seed] instead of a [validator_token], this is the only field in the response.
seqNumber(May be omitted) A sequence number for this validator's configured validation token and settings. This number increases whenever the validator operator updates the validator's token to rotate ephemeral keys or change settings.

For more information on validator tokens and key rotation, see the validator-keys-tool Guide.

Possible Errors