Enable Link Compression

The rippled server can save bandwidth by compressing its peer-to-peer communications, at a cost of greater CPU usage. If you enable link compression, the server automatically compresses communications with peer servers that also have link compression enabled. New in: rippled 1.6.0


To enable link compression on your server, complete the following steps:

1. Edit your rippled server's config file.

$ vim /etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg

The recommended installation uses the config file /etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg by default. Other places you can put a config file include $HOME/.config/ripple/rippled.cfg (where $HOME is the home directory of the user running rippled), $HOME/.local/ripple/rippled.cfg, or the current working directory from where you start rippled.

2. In the config file, add or uncomment the [compression] stanza.

To enable compression:


Use false to disable compression (the default).

3. Restart the rippled server

$ sudo systemctl restart rippled.service

After the restart, your server automatically uses link compression with other peers that also have link compression enabled.

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