This page lists the transactions and requests associated with NFTs as a handy reference.

NFT Objects

  • NFToken data type - The NFT object stored on the ledger.
  • Ledger Objects

NFT Transactions

NFT requests


Clio servers enhance overall network performance by handling requests for information based on cached information, freeing up validators on the XRP Ledger to focus on processing transactions. In addition to all of the common XRP Ledger request types, the Clio server handles additional request types that provide more detailed responses.

Clio-specific NFT requests

  • nft_info - Get current status information about the specified NFT.
  • nft_history - Get past transaction metadata for the specified NFT.

You can access a public Clio server by sending a request to its URL and Clio port (typically 51233). Public Clio API servers come with no SLAs nor any responsibility to be fixed on priority. If your business use case requires continual monitoring and information requests, consider setting up your own Clio server instance. See install-clio-on-ubuntu.