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Added by the DepositPreauth amendment.

A DepositPreauth transaction gives another account pre-approval to deliver payments to the sender of this transaction. This is only useful if the sender of this transaction is using (or plans to use) Deposit Authorization.

Tip: You can use this transaction to preauthorize certain counterparties before you enable Deposit Authorization. This may be useful to ensure a smooth transition from not requiring deposit authorization to requiring it.

Example DepositPreauth JSON

  "TransactionType" : "DepositPreauth",
  "Account" : "rsUiUMpnrgxQp24dJYZDhmV4bE3aBtQyt8",
  "Authorize" : "rEhxGqkqPPSxQ3P25J66ft5TwpzV14k2de",
  "Fee" : "10",
  "Flags" : 2147483648,
  "Sequence" : 2

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DepositPreauth Fields

In addition to the common fields, DepositPreauth transactions use the following fields:

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeDescription
AuthorizeStringAccountID(Optional) The XRP Ledger address of the sender to preauthorize.
UnauthorizeStringAccountID(Optional) The XRP Ledger address of a sender whose preauthorization should be revoked.

You must provide either Authorize or Unauthorize, but not both.

This transaction has the following limitations:

  • An account cannot preauthorize (or unauthorize) its own address. Attempting to do so fails with the result temCANNOT_PREAUTH_SELF.
  • Attempting to preauthorize an account which is already preauthorized fails with the result tecDUPLICATE.
  • Attempting to unauthorize an account which is not preauthorized fails with the result tecNO_ENTRY.
  • Attempting to preauthorize an address that is not funded in the ledger fails with the result tecNO_TARGET.
  • Adding authorization adds a DepositPreauth object to the ledger, which counts toward the owner reserve requirement. If the sender of the transaction does not have enough XRP to pay for the increased reserve, the transaction fails with the result tecINSUFFICIENT_RESERVE. If the sender of the account is already at the maximum number of owned objects, the transaction fails with the result tecDIR_FULL.