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Added by the Escrow amendment.

Return escrowed XRP to the sender.

Example EscrowCancel JSON

    "Account": "rf1BiGeXwwQoi8Z2ueFYTEXSwuJYfV2Jpn",
    "TransactionType": "EscrowCancel",
    "Owner": "rf1BiGeXwwQoi8Z2ueFYTEXSwuJYfV2Jpn",
    "OfferSequence": 7,

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EscrowCancel Fields

In addition to the common fields, EscrowCancel transactions use the following fields:

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeDescription
OwnerStringAccountIDAddress of the source account that funded the escrow payment.
OfferSequenceNumberUInt32Transaction sequence (or Ticket number) of EscrowCreate transaction that created the escrow to cancel.

Any account may submit an EscrowCancel transaction.

  • If the corresponding EscrowCreate transaction did not specify a CancelAfter time, the EscrowCancel transaction fails.
  • Otherwise the EscrowCancel transaction fails if the CancelAfter time is after the close time of the most recently-closed ledger.