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The NFTokenBurn transaction is used to remove a NFToken object from the NFTokenPage in which it is being held, effectively removing the token from the ledger (burning it).

The sender of this transaction must be the owner of the NFToken to burn; or, if the NFToken has the lsfBurnable flag enabled, can be the issuer or the issuer's authorized NFTokenMinter account instead.

If this operation succeeds, the corresponding NFToken is removed. If this operation empties the NFTokenPage holding the NFToken or results in consolidation, thus removing a NFTokenPage, the owner’s reserve requirement is reduced by one.

(Added by the NonFungibleTokensV1_1 amendment.)

Example NFTokenBurn JSON

  "TransactionType": "NFTokenBurn",
  "Account": "rNCFjv8Ek5oDrNiMJ3pw6eLLFtMjZLJnf2",
  "Owner": "rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B",
  "Fee": "10",
  "NFTokenID": "000B013A95F14B0044F78A264E41713C64B5F89242540EE208C3098E00000D65"

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NFTokenBurn Fields

In addition to the common fields, NFTokenBurn transactions use the following fields:

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeDescription
NFTokenIDStringHash256The NFToken to be removed by this transaction.
OwnerStringAccountID(Optional) The owner of the NFToken to burn. Only used if that owner is different than the account sending this transaction. The issuer or authorized minter can use this field to burn NFTs that have the lsfBurnable flag enabled.

Error Cases

Besides errors that can occur for all transactions, NFTokenBurn transactions can result in the following transaction result codes:

Error CodeDescription
temDISABLEDThe NonFungibleTokensV1 amendment is not enabled.
tecNO_ENTRYThe specified TokenID was not found.
tecNO_PERMISSIONThe account does not have permission to burn the token.