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Creates either a new Sell offer for an NFToken owned by the account executing the transaction, or a new Buy offer for an NFToken owned by another account.

If successful, the transaction creates a NFTokenOffer object. Each offer counts as one object towards the owner reserve of the account that placed the offer.

(Added by the NonFungibleTokensV1_1 amendment.)

Example NFTokenCreateOffer JSON

      "TransactionType": "NFTokenCreateOffer",
      "Account": "rs8jBmmfpwgmrSPgwMsh7CvKRmRt1JTVSX",
      "NFTokenID": "000100001E962F495F07A990F4ED55ACCFEEF365DBAA76B6A048C0A200000007",
      "Amount": "1000000",
      "Flags": 1

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NFTokenCreateOffer Fields

In addition to the common fields, NFTokenCreateOffer transactions use the following fields:

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeDescription
OwnerStringAccountID(Optional) Who owns the corresponding NFToken. If the offer is to buy a token, this field must be present and it must be different than the Account field (since an offer to buy a token one already holds is meaningless). If the offer is to sell a token, this field must not be present, as the owner is, implicitly, the same as the Account (since an offer to sell a token one doesn't already hold is meaningless).
NFTokenIDStringHash256Identifies the NFToken object that the offer references.
AmountCurrency AmountAmountIndicates the amount expected or offered for the corresponding NFToken. The amount must be non-zero, except where this is an offer to sell and the asset is XRP; then, it is legal to specify an amount of zero, which means that the current owner of the token is giving it away, gratis, either to anyone at all, or to the account identified by the Destination field.
ExpirationNumberUInt32(Optional) Time after which the offer is no longer active, in seconds since the Ripple Epoch.
DestinationStringAccountID(Optional) If present, indicates that this offer may only be accepted by the specified account. Attempts by other accounts to accept this offer MUST fail.

NFTokenCreateOffer Flags

Transactions of the NFTokenCreateOffer type support additional values in the Flags field, as follows:

Flag NameHex ValueDecimal ValueDescription
tfSellNFToken0x000000011If enabled, indicates that the offer is a sell offer. Otherwise, it is a buy offer.

Error Cases

Besides errors that can occur for all transactions, NFTokenCreateOffer transactions can result in the following transaction result codes:

Error CodeDescription
temDISABLEDThe NonFungibleTokensV1 amendment is not enabled.
temBAD_AMOUNTThe Amount field is not valid. For example, the amount was zero for a buy offer, or the amount is denominated in fungible tokens but the NFToken has the lsfOnlyXRP flag enabled.
temBAD_EXPIRATIONThe specified Expiration time is invalid (for example, 0).
tecDIR_FULLThe sender already owns too many objects in the ledger, or there are already too many offers to buy or sell this token.
tecEXPIREDThe specified Expiration time has already passed.
tecFROZENThe Amount is denominated in fungible tokens, but one of the trust lines that would receive tokens from this offer is frozen. This could be the seller's trust line or the NFToken's issuer's trust line (if the NFToken has a transfer fee).
tecINSUFFICIENT_RESERVEThe sender does not have enough XRP to meet the reserve requirement after placing this offer.
tecNO_DSTThe account specified in the Destination field does not exist in the ledger.
tecNO_ENTRYThe NFToken is not owned by the expected account.
tecNO_ISSUERThe issuer specified in the Amount field does not exist.
tecNO_LINEThe Amount field is denominated in fungible tokens, but the NFToken's issuer does not have a trust line for those tokens and the NFToken does not have the lsfTrustLine flag enabled.
tecNO_PERMISSIONThe Destination account blocks incoming NFTokenOffers. (Requires the DisallowIncoming amendment )
tecUNFUNDED_OFFERFor a buy offer, the sender does have the funds specified in the Amount field available. If the Amount is XRP, this could be due to the reserve requirement; if the Amount is denominated in fungible tokens, this could be because they are frozen.
tefNFTOKEN_IS_NOT_TRANSFERABLEThe NFToken has the lsfTransferable flag disabled and this transaction would not transfer the NFToken to or from the issuer.