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A DepositPreauth entry tracks a preauthorization from one account to another. DepositPreauth transactions create these entries.

This has no effect on processing of transactions unless the account that provided the preauthorization requires Deposit Authorization. In that case, the account that was preauthorized can send payments and other transactions directly to the account that provided the preauthorization. Preauthorizations are one-directional, and have no effect on payments going the opposite direction.

Example DepositPreauth JSON

  "LedgerEntryType": "DepositPreauth",
  "Account": "rsUiUMpnrgxQp24dJYZDhmV4bE3aBtQyt8",
  "Authorize": "rEhxGqkqPPSxQ3P25J66ft5TwpzV14k2de",
  "Flags": 0,
  "OwnerNode": "0000000000000000",
  "PreviousTxnID": "3E8964D5A86B3CD6B9ECB33310D4E073D64C865A5B866200AD2B7E29F8326702",
  "PreviousTxnLgrSeq": 7,
  "index": "4A255038CC3ADCC1A9C91509279B59908251728D0DAADB248FFE297D0F7E068C"

DepositPreauth Fields

In addition to the common fields, DepositPreauth entries have the following fields:

FieldJSON TypeInternal TypeRequired?Description
AccountStringAccountYesThe account that granted the preauthorization. (The destination of the preauthorized payments.)
AuthorizeStringAccountYesThe account that received the preauthorization. (The sender of the preauthorized payments.)
LedgerEntryTypeStringUInt16YesThe value 0x0070, mapped to the string DepositPreauth, indicates that this is a DepositPreauth object.
OwnerNodeStringUInt64YesA hint indicating which page of the sender's owner directory links to this object, in case the directory consists of multiple pages. Note: The object does not contain a direct link to the owner directory containing it, since that value can be derived from the Account.
PreviousTxnIDStringHash256YesThe identifying hash of the transaction that most recently modified this object.
PreviousTxnLgrSeqNumberUInt32YesThe index of the ledger that contains the transaction that most recently modified this object.

DepositPreauth Flags

There are no flags defined for DepositPreauth entries.

DepositPreauth Reserve

DepositPreauth entries count as one item towards the owner reserve of the account that granted preauthorization, as long as the entry is in the ledger. Unauthorizing the counterparty frees up the reserve.

DepositPreauth ID Format

The ID of a DepositPreauth object is the SHA-512Half of the following values, concatenated in order:

  • The DepositPreauth space key (0x0070)
  • The AccountID of the owner of this object (the sender of the DepositPreauth transaction that created this object; in other words, the one that granted the preauthorization)
  • The AccountID of the preauthorized account (the Authorized field of the DepositPreauth transaction that created this object; in other words, the one that received the preauthorization)