Added by the PayChan amendment.

Create a payment channel and fund it with XRP. The address sending this transaction becomes the "source address" of the payment channel.

Example PaymentChannelCreate JSON

    "Account": "rf1BiGeXwwQoi8Z2ueFYTEXSwuJYfV2Jpn",
    "TransactionType": "PaymentChannelCreate",
    "Amount": "10000",
    "Destination": "rsA2LpzuawewSBQXkiju3YQTMzW13pAAdW",
    "SettleDelay": 86400,
    "PublicKey": "32D2471DB72B27E3310F355BB33E339BF26F8392D5A93D3BC0FC3B566612DA0F0A",
    "CancelAfter": 533171558,
    "DestinationTag": 23480,
    "SourceTag": 11747

Query example transaction.

PaymentChannelCreate Fields

In addition to the common fields, PaymentChannelCreate transactions use the following fields:

Field JSON Type Internal Type Description
Amount String Amount Amount of XRP, in drops, to deduct from the sender's balance and set aside in this channel. While the channel is open, the XRP can only go to the Destination address. When the channel closes, any unclaimed XRP is returned to the source address's balance.
Destination String AccountID Address to receive XRP claims against this channel. This is also known as the "destination address" for the channel. Cannot be the same as the sender (Account).
SettleDelay Number UInt32 Amount of time the source address must wait before closing the channel if it has unclaimed XRP.
PublicKey String Blob The 33-byte public key of the key pair the source will use to sign claims against this channel, in hexadecimal. This can be any secp256k1 or Ed25519 public key. For more information on key pairs, see Key Derivation
CancelAfter Number UInt32 (Optional) The time, in seconds since the Ripple Epoch, when this channel expires. Any transaction that would modify the channel after this time closes the channel without otherwise affecting it. This value is immutable; the channel can be closed earlier than this time but cannot remain open after this time.
DestinationTag Number UInt32 (Optional) Arbitrary tag to further specify the destination for this payment channel, such as a hosted recipient at the destination address.

If the Destination account is blocking incoming payment channels, the transaction fails with result code tecNO_PERMISSION. (Requires the DisallowIncoming amendment )